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Wild Souls Art

Tiger Sticker

Tiger Sticker

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Premium Vinyl Sticker of Tiger


🐅 Instead of smell, tigers rely mainly on sight and sound for hunting. 

🐅 Male tigers can weigh up to 660 lbs and are mostly solitary creatures. 

🐅 A tiger’s roar can be heard almost 2 miles away, but when they want to use a friendly greeting they communicate by chuffing. 

🐅 Tigers are a critical animal in their ecosystems and require a large home range as they are very territorial. 

🐅 These animals have lost 95% of their habitat as it has been destroyed, degraded, and fragmented by human activities, primarily, from forest clearing and housing/road developments. 

🐅 As humans continue to shrink the tiger’s natural habitat, they encounter more frequent conflict with tigers in the form of hunted livestock, being sold in black markets, and attacks on people. 

🐅 With over 10,000 tigers estimated being held in captivity for breeding “farms,” there is a significant obstacle to the recovery and protection of wild tiger populations in east and Southeast Asia. 

🐅 Organizations are currently working to protect and connect the tiger’s fragile habitat as well as tracking individuals and their prey through DNA analysis of scat. 

🐅 Some governments across the 13 tiger range countries are working with conservation groups to build and maintain momentum in tiger conservation. 

🐅 The global wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC, works to implement strategies to help governments stop wildlife criminal networks, shut down black markets, and change consumer behavior.

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