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Rhinoceros Iguana Sticker

Rhinoceros Iguana Sticker

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Premium Vinyl Sticker of Rhinoceros Iguana

🦎Rhinoceros iguanas are an endangered species that can only be found on the island of Hispaniola and some of the surrounding Caribbean islands.

🦎 They are much less aggressive than other species of iguanas and are herbivores with leaves, flowers, berries, and other fruits making up most of their diet.

🦎 The species were driven to endangerment by humans and the logging industry as the demand for old growth trees increased.

🦎 Due to the high poverty rate of Hispaniola, poachers often hunt rhinoceros iguanas for food, or they are stolen for the illegal pet trade.

🦎 The rhinoceros iguanas also face other dangers from limestone mining, pollution, predation, and wildfires.

🦎 Because this species is the nation’s largest herbivore, they are essential to their ecosystem for maintaining a balance between climate and vegetation.

🦎 When they eat plants with seeds, they spread the seeds through their feces to different locations, and through studies, it was determined that seeds spread via the digestive tract germinate faster than those that do not.

🦎 The only conservation effort for the rhinoceros iguana was a successful breeding program at the Parque Zoológico Nacional of the Dominican Republic that was closed in 1995 due to a change in administration.

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