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Wild Souls Art

Red Panda Sticker

Red Panda Sticker

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Premium Vinyl Sticker of Red Panda

🐼 These cute animals are slightly larger than a house cat and are easily identified by their red fur and bushy tail.

🐼They live in the Eastern Himalayas, primarily living in trees as skilled acrobats.

🐼 Like many endangered species, the red pandas are losing their habitat due to forest clearing.

🐼Another threat these animals face is poaching for their characteristic pelts in Asian countries like China, Myanmar, and Bhutan.

🐼Red panda deaths can also be an accidental byproduct of traps meant for other wild animals.

🐼Conservation groups are monitoring red pandas to better understand the species and find ways to reintroduce captive-bred individuals to wild populations.

🐼 Organizations asp work with yak herders and community groups to reduce human impact, such as making yak dung bricks to use as a fuel alternative for bamboo.

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