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Wild Souls Art

Giraffe Sticker

Giraffe Sticker

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Premium Vinyl Sticker of Giraffe

🦒Though giraffes as a species are not legally classified as endangered, they are scientifically.

🦒4 of the 8 subspecies of giraffes are either endangered or critically endangered.

🦒The primary threat to the giraffe is the loss of habitat from incoming farms/ranches and the charcoal industry.

🦒Another major threat to giraffes is disease, particularly, a lesion-inducing skin disease and inbreeding due to fragmented habitat.

🦒The third threat to the giraffe population is international trade of them and their body parts - usually their bone to replace elephant ivory or their hide for rugs and clothing.

🦒In 2017, a coalition of conservation groups petitioned the US Fish and Wildlife Service to recognize the giraffe as endangered and impose trade-regulating laws which was largely unsuccessful.

🦒Putting giraffes on the endangered list as an entire species would allow passing of species protecting laws as well as encourage the creation of a species protection program.

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