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Amazon River Dolphin Sticker

Amazon River Dolphin Sticker

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Premium Vinyl Sticker of Amazon River Dolphin

🐬Also known as the pink river dolphin, boto, or bufeo, this species lives only in freshwater.

🐬These dolphins can be found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in South America and are listed as Endangered under the IUCN red list.

🐬These animals are an important indicator of the health of the ecosystems in which they reside.

🐬The main threats of the Amazon River Dolphin are human development projects, primarily, dams that fragment populations and restrict their ability to breed.

🐬Another major threat to the species is pollution, mainly mercury found in the fish they eat from small-scale gold mining activities.

🐬The third major threat these dolphins face is humans that hunt them to use them for bait in catfish fisheries or simply when they are seen as competitors against humans for diminishing fish stocks.

🐬Currently, there are conservation efforts to save the dolphins, such as satellite tagging, expeditions, and the use of drones to monitor over 3,000 miles of river.

🐬Monitoring helps scientist study the dolphins’ distribution and behavior, giving them a more accurate count and keeping track of individuals.

🐬The South American River Dolphin Initiative (SARDI) created and proposed the Regional Conservation and Management Plan for River Dolphins in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru in 2020.

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